Polly Morris

• Original Singer Songwriter
• Four albums in Three years
• “Clever complex lyrics and Rhymes that shouldn’t work but do” - FATEA MAGAZINE
• “The Flanders and Swann of our day, a cultural commentator with a bulge firmly in her cheek!” David Gillard MBE – Daily Mail
• From her funny observational songs to her more thoughtful acoustic songs she produces music that you will identify with.

Polly Morris Band

• A Dorset Based Comic Folk Band.
• Polly Morris, Mandy Stansfield, Steven Faulkner, Kate Hunter, Brian Harries and Joel Solomons
• A group of individuals all with their own solo careers who get together to have fun entertaining you.
• Comic Songs, Acoustic Songs, Contemporary Songs
• Didn’t know the band were such comedians, - Dan Holbeche
• It’s the professionalism we have come to expect from the Polly gang - Karen Laird
• The band is so so together musically – Carol
• You must rehearse 364 days a year and just perform the one perfect evening. Thank you - Ryan

Music to Make you Smile

• I haven’t laughed so much since I saw my neighbour fall off his kitchen roof – Lynne
• More than a giggle - LauraRo
• Will be back, great value per laugh - Tony