Welcome to Josie Hunter

By July 11, 2017 No Comments

It has been a really fun and busy month of Gigs and activity. The Wimborne Minster Folk Festival was a blast with memorable gigs at QE School, The Oddfellows Arms and the Olive Branch Stage where Steve had to play in front of the stage because he was too tall and his bow would have gone though the roof! Thank you to all sound engineers and all who helped us carry the gear – you know who you are, and we couldn’t have done it without you.

I really enjoyed leading a Songwriting workshop and is looking forward to hearing songs from all the songwriters who came…maybe on National Radio! I also recently led a workshop at Durlston Court School where the year 8 pupils went on to collaborate on, and record a song with me. What a talented and enthusiastic bunch of people!

Everton Festival and St Albans Festival were also great fun – meeting up with friends old and new.

Our biggest news is that we have a new member of the band. Admittedly she is only ten weeks old as I write but as the gorgeous new daughter of our Kate Hunter (Music Arranger, Flute and Piano Player) she was immediately enrolled with a Polly Morris Band T Shirt. Kate has been understandably busy, but it was lovely to get together to perform “Smile” and “Harmony in the Walls” with Kate playing the flute at St Albans.