Polly Morris Show at Forest Arts on 1st March

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The Polly Morris Band has a very special show coming up at Forest Arts Centre on 1st of March. We would LOVE to see you there.
The Polly Morris Band is well known for its observational comedy songs and shows where you need to expect the unexpected. There is some great music in the form of acoustic, heartfelt ballads played by the 6-piece band and a few little unexpected things to make you smile.
This time we are delighted to welcome guest singer Fleur Lindsay who is making a name for herself with her incredible voice and vocal range that will stun you.  In addition we are proud to have Anneli Jewiss in what will be her first public performance. Be prepared to be surprised!  Just for fun, trumpeter, Ryan Evans will also be joining us.
Tickets are £14 (£13 concessions) and you can get yours from The Polly Morris Band at Forest Arts on 1st March
We would love to see you there!
Here are a few reminders of what a show with the Polly Morris Band is like:-

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