It Wasn’t Me – Digital Album


Track List

  1. Murder in the Fish Tank (4:03)
  2. Just to Be Quiet (3:37)
  3. The Fiddle Song (3:50)
  4. It Wasn’t Me (2:52)
  5. Ways to Ignore You (1:53)
  6. How Come (4:00)
  7. Puppy (3:26)
  8. Winter Sale (2:33)
  9. Just One Idea (3:14)
  10. When I’m With You (2:50)
  11. Run Amok (3:38)
  12. Gold (3:37)
  13. Dentist (3:21)
  14. Treasure (3:07)
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It Wasn’t Me reflects the creation of the Polly Morris Band, consisting of Mandy Stansfield (vocals), Steve Faulkner (Fiddle), Kate Hunter (Flute and Piano), Brian Harries (Piano and Accordion) and Joel Solomons (Bass and Saxophone).

The songs include some of Polly’s Solo numbers such as “Puppy” and “When I’m with You” but also some band numbers such as “ The fiddle song” which is a comedy song about what everyone in a band is really thinking.  It is a real feel-good album designed to make you smile.