Good Driver – Physical Album


Track List:

  1. I’ve Turned into My Mother
  2. More Than Ever
  3. Stand Tall
  4. Choir
  5. Good Driver
  6. Sorry
  7. I Will Wait for You
  8. Don’t
  9. Freedom
  10. Only Just Out Of Sight
  11. Hope
  12. Best People
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  1. Jeremy

    “Good Driver” is Polly Morris’ fifth album, cementing the relationship with the other highly talented members of the Polly Morris Band, previously featured on “It Wasn’t Me”.

    Polly’s outstanding characteristics are her infectious enthusiasm for life, for performing, and for her audience; a high standard of singing and musicianship; and her restlessly inventive take on life which inspires her witty, observant and highly relatable songs.

    “Good Driver” brings out all of this in abundance. Fans of Polly’s previous CDs will be familiar with her high-quality mixes of comedy songs and heartfelt ballads, but I venture to suggest that Polly and the Band have succeeded in pushing the envelope even further here on Polly V.

    The poignant, gentle love songs include “More Than Ever”, “I Will Wait For You”, and wistful “Freedom”. An upbeat meditation on the loss of a loved one, “Only Just Out of Sight”, is likely to bring a tear to the eye and a smile to the face at the same time.

    Optimism is the theme of “Hope” – a cheery yet defiant resolution to face life’s obstacles, laid over a throbbing acoustic bass, with a N’Awlins-style fusion of negro spiritual vocals and jazz instrumental parts, the latter courtesy of Joel Solomons’ warbling sax and Brian Harries’ deft touch at the piano.

    There’s a comedy choral number, “Choir”, which is sure to grab the attention of Gareth Malone any day now. Elsewhere, Polly goes into classic self-send-up mode for solo opening track “I’ve Turned Into My Mother” and the titular ensemble piece, “Good Driver”, which features the fartiest-sounding car horn (one of many melodious contributions by harmony vocalist Mandy Stansfield) since Toad caused mayhem on the roads around Toad Hall.

    The most surprising song on this album, for me at least, is “Stand Tall”. Featuring Si Genaro (The Voice) on guest harmonica, its subtle music and “ooh-aah” backing vocals will take this song deep under your skin, while Polly’s message of admiration for bald people is seductive in its delivery. It’s every bit as unexpected and addictive as rock band Faith No More’s “Evidence”, with jazz influences from a nearby neighbourhood, and crowns this demonstration of Polly’s versatility and her exploration of diverse musical styles.

    Polly brings us her best combination of plummy/authoritative/stressed as the voice of the Nanny State in the catchy, brisk “Don’t”, telling us all what not to do after the British weather delivers some unexpected snow, which will surely raise some wry smiles.

    The album is completed by popular live number “Best People” – Steve Faulkner’s violin providing the suspense and Kate Hunter’s flute the soothing – in which Polly recounts a series of hilarious mishaps, with the reminder that these things can happen to any of us. If you weren’t smiling when you pressed play at the start of this CD, you will be by the end.

    Good driver? Maybe. Great album? Definitely! Poop-poop!

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