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How Come?

It Wasn't Me

It Wasn’t Me reflects the creation of the Polly Morris Band, consisting of Mandy Stansfield (vocals), Steve Faulkner (Fiddle), Kate Hunter (Flute and Piano), Brian Harries (Piano and Accordion) and Joel Solomons (Bass and Saxophone). The songs include some of Polly’s Solo numbers such as “Puppy” and “When I’m with You” but also some band numbers such as “ The fiddle song” which is a comedy song about what everyone in a band is really thinking. It is a real feel-good album designed to make you smile.

Just One Click


This album was a culmination of performances that were beginning to take Polly further afield to London, Cambridgshire and Wales. There are 14 songs on the album, including “Just One Click” , which is a song about what happens when you send that e-mail to the wrong person. It also includes the popular song “Motorway Queue” and the often-requested love song “Smile”. The album contains arrangements by Kate Hunter and includes performances from Violinist, Brian Howells and Cellist Amanda de Jong Cleyndert both from the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra. The album also features Drummer, Keiron Gaffney. (Britain’s got talent finalist – 2010 )


Dinner for Two

This album was recorded and mixed over a two-day period in Autumn 2013 at the Hangover Hill Studios in Bournemouth and engineered by Matt Black. It marks the start of a partnership with Kate Hunter who arranged two of the songs, “ Storm” and “ Harmony in the Walls”. The album contains a mix of comedy and thoughtful songs including the inspirational song “ The Life”. One review was simple; “ Everyone should have a copy of this album”

I Love You

My Phone

This is Polly Morris’s first album of recent years. This album was put together to coincide with a tour in March 2013 of various venues in Dorset where Polly performed with the talented Singer/ Songwriter, Annie Brooks who came over from the United States. It is an amalgamation of the Comedy Songs that launched Polly Morris onto the Dorset Folk Scene such as The Boss, and the Mobile Phone song – but also contains a couple of more thoughtful numbers at the end such as “I Love You” which was written for Polly’s baby girl. The album was mixed and engineered by Duncan Le Feuvre.

Good Driver

More than Ever

“Good Driver”is an album that came to being after a year of the band taking their music a bit further a field FATEA .Magazine says” The Album, like its predecessor, confirms Polly to be at the very top of her game and a writer of comedy songs that are going to be very hard to beat” It contains some new sounds, some songs with a blues feel and a maturity in the musical performances of the individual band members when playing together.