The Polly Morris Band

Polly Morris

If you could imagine the love child of Bill Bailey and Victoria Wood that would be Polly Morris. Her observational comedy songs about such things as supermarket shopping or the perils of e-mail, are songs that you can instantly identify with . These are peppered with more thoughtful acoustic numbers that are reminiscent of Karen Carpenter.  Polly has been singing her songs from an early age, playing piano or guitar as accompaniment. She enjoys writing the songs as much as she loves performing them.

Mandy Stansfield

Mandy has an unusual and beautiful singing voice. She is equally at home singing harmonies or lead vocal in the band, but also is developing skills playing an unusual array of other instruments – such as Triangle, Car horn and Cuckoo Whistle! Mandy is a pianist and a performer in her own right.  She sings melodic songs and ballads accompanying herself on piano.She was the first person to join the band and is great fun to sing with.

Steve Faulkner

Steve plays the fiddle in the band. Playing brilliantly by ear, it would be very difficult to find someone who sounded like him. There is no piece of music that he will not have a go at.  In fact there are very few instruments that he will not have a go at.  He is a great person to have around. He is also a solo performer, singing mostly (but not exclusively) with Bazouki and Violin.  He is also the person who looks after the technical side of the band.

Kate Hunter

Kate is a professional orchestrator and music arranger. She is able to listen to a single line of music and hear all the other parts in her head. The rest of the band are quite impressed with this. Kate plays a number of instruments but her main instruments are piano and flute.  As the band members would tell you,  “We LOVE having Kate with us but she lives up the impertinent M3 and has a proper job so it is rare that we are allowed to have her.  However, on the occasions when she is with us – those are the times we have the most fun as a band”

Brian Harries

Brian is a supremely skilled piano and accordion player. He started performing at the age of 11 at the local pub and hasn’t stopped since. He plays by ear with a style that is instantly recognisable.  However, having had many years of experience as a radio presenter, he is also a relaxed compere and enjoys chatting to the audience.  He feels that his best points are that he is short, fat, bald, Old and Welsh!  All of which he has been for some time.

Joel Solomons

Joel is an extremely proficient musician. He started going to the Royal College of Music in London at the age of 9 and there are very few instruments he cannot play. His main instrument is Clarinet, but he plays Saxophone and Bass for the band.  He reads music but is equally relaxed at improvisation. He is currently studying A levels at Twynham School in Christchurch. Joel is a very enjoyable character to have around and has been a great asset to the band.